The NATO Military Committee visits the Poggio Renatico air base

The NATO Military Committee visits the Poggio Renatico air base

In February, the NATO military committee visited and tested the Poggio Renatico site in Italy to demonstrate the operational capabilities of the ACCS system and its actual use in an air and missile defence mission.

The visit started by briefing detailing the general situation and the different entities that were connected during this exercise:

  • The DAOC (Deployable Air Operations Center) from the DACCC (Deployable Air Command and Control Center) for the planning and tasking and current operations
  • Poggio Renatico’s ARS (Air control center, Recognised air picture production center, Sensor fusion post) in charge of air activities in the north of Italy
  • The DARS (Deployable ARS) set up as responsible for air activities over Croatia
  • The DARS QPR (Quick Reaction Package – deployable sensors) set up as responsible for air activities over Corsica

The military committee then attended various workshops and alternately studied the functionalities of the DAOC (tactical missions) and the ARS (air surveillance on national territory).


All the functionalities planned were demonstrated with success to the NATO military committee, in particular:

  • The general air situation of Italy via 24 radars
  • The control of a 2-against-2 mission (Eurofighter fighter plane) in a reserved training zone
  • The use of Link 16

Did you know?


Poggio Renatico’s ARS was officially recognised in May 2019 as operating at the highest level of NATO standards without any restrictions on the full range of functionalities required for its participation in the NATO Integrated Air and Missile Defence System. Modern operating procedures for data exchange between ground sites and airborne aircraft are covered by this version of the mature and stable ACCS.
The Italians operate the system daily with satisfaction.