What we do

One picture, one goal: ACCS by TRS

Collective Defense securing and defending the European Alliance territory, populations and forces, is the most important challenge for NATO nations and NATO Command Structure.

integrated C2 System for IAMD of European territory

million Sq Km covered

radars from +50 types feeding a coherent, integrated air picture

industrial partners delivering a system-of-system solution

installed locations to expand to 40+ in the future

Threats are changing, from terrorism, Unmanned Air Vehicles, cyber security, conflicts in out-of-area operations to the proliferation of ballistic missile technology…


As battle-field parameters change, the digital theatre requires real time treatment enabling countries to get a trusted picture of their airspace sovereignty at all times.

ACCS is now a game-changer for NATO as it provides a coherent European air picture and all Air C2 planning, tasking and execution of Air operations and Ballistic Missile Defence.


Designed to collect real time big data from multiple sources connecting and fully integrating, the real-time data integration of ACCS is key to speeding up response-time against enemy threats, hence speeding up the OODA Air C4I loop (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence).

Our engineers work in close collaboration with the armed forces to provide this unified system. Given its unique features, ACCS reinforces NATO’s core mission of collective defense, making the idea of a ‘one sky, one command and control’ a reality.