ACCS Addendum 3 Achieves Final System Acceptance (FSA)

ACCS Addendum 3 Achieves Final System Acceptance (FSA)

Thales Raytheon Systems is proud to announce that its ACCS Addendum 3 baseline achieved FSA in March 2024.

This milestone marks the successful completion of NATO’s ACCS Addendum 3 program, providing the Alliance with a modernized, integrated Air and Missile Defense capability that is also backwards compatible with current, fielded ACCS baselines.  Delivering a high-availability solution for managing air operations during peacetime and in crisis, ACCS Addendum 3 is designed to support both nations and NATO including Joint Force Air Component (JFAC) needs, enabling hundreds of operators to work in concert as they supervise the European theater and multiple external operations simultaneously.


The system realizes a multitude of new and critical features for the NATO Alliance.

  • A redesigned Human Machine Interface (HMI), based on iterative design workshops with frontline operators, provides an intuitive user experience and streamlined workflows.
  • Multi-Domain Operations and integration with existing defense architectures is supported through the system’s native support of a wide range of tactical data links.
  • New design leveraging technologies such as big data and virtualization, delivering unparalleled performances to face high intensity conflict.
  • Robust cybersecurity measures are implemented to safeguard sensitive data and ensure system integrity.



An early adopter, France is on track to move into operations with an ACCS Addendum 3 baseline as its National Air Command and Control solution in Lyon Mont-Verdun Airbase.

Thales Raytheon Systems is now eager to move forward with an operational evaluation of ACCS Addendum 3 for NATO and NATO nations, demonstrating the transformative capabilities of an advanced and fully integrated Air and Missile Defense system. This milestone underscores our commitment to delivering mission-critical solutions that enhance the collective defense capabilities of the Alliance.


ThalesRaytheonSystems is pleased to support NATO and thanks NCIA and AIRCOM for this important achievement. This result was also achieved with the support of our partners, mainly Raytheon, Thales, Thales UK, Leonardo, HPE, LGM, Oracle, SAIC, Zettascale, Systematic, Hexagon, Dell.