News / Published on July 16, 2019

Air Operations Command NATO's tactical assessment concluded successfully

In May 2019, the findings of the Air Operations Command tactical assessment were presented by a team of evaluators Composed by Alliance countries personnel and coordinated by Allied Air Command of Ramstein (Germany).

The assessment was conducted in two phases; the first was about first aid, fire prevention, operations in the environment under CBRN threat (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear), use of weapons, security of communications and data.

The second phase concerned C2 capabilities of complex air activities in simulated crisis scenarios tested and the interaction of the units involved in three distinct areas: operational capabilities, logistic capabilities and force protection.

During the assessment, the controllers tackled virtual scenarios involving air strikes, hijacked aircraft, missile launches and air campaigns, integrating with the NATO component of DACCC and using ACCS. This integration allowed the planning and management of complex activities The CAPEVAL represents a significant outcome and established the 11th DAMI 5 Group as the first unit within NATO to have achieved the "Mission Capability" using the ACCS.