News / Published on June 27, 2018

ACCS is moving towards a C4I digital architecture

In the presence of Ms. Rose Gottenmoeller, the Deputy Secretary General of NATO, on June 15th ThalesRaytheonSystems and NCIA (NATO Communications and Information Agency) signed a major contract called "Addendum 3".

Under this contract, ThalesRaytheonSystems will enhance system performance and add new functionalities to significantly increase the air command and control capabilities of NATO and member nations. Addendum 3 will provide a solid basis for the introduction of digital technologies such as artificial intelligence and cloud computing in the ACCS system roadmap. This will bring to operators a decisive advantage in terms of speed and ease of decision making. It will be deployed across all NATO and member nation sites from 2021 onwards.

This contract will modernize ACCS to anticipate and pre-empt airborne and ballistic missile threats for the next 15 years and prepare for the era of the defense cloud.

Note : The ACCS system enables NATO and NATO nations to perform air mission control, air traffic control, airspace surveillance and management, command and control (C2) resource management, force management and ballistic missile defense.