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ThalesRaytheonSystems Demonstrates Integrated C4I Systems supporting the Commander

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Feb 26, 2009

ThalesRaytheonSystems forecasts growth for its Command, Control, Computers, Communications and Intelligence strategic business unit with pursuit of several international programs in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia.

The company, a joint venture between Raytheon Company and Thales Group, is featuring its ability to develop integrated solutions for large, complex C4I programs at IDEX.

TRS offers over 40 years of C4I experience and systems fielded in 40 nations throughout the world. TRS is an industry leader in C4I programs and excels in system integration, complex program management, real time and non real time software, human machine interfaces and service oriented architectures. TRS is proud to be supplying some of world’s largest C4I systems to a broad range of international customers.

“We are confident that our Integrated C4I Systems will meet the evolving operational and technological needs of Middle East customers and other clients,” said C4I Strategic Business Unit Director Rod Hodson, ThalesRaytheonSystems U.S. Operations.

TRS offers customers integrated systems built on proven products. The system being demonstrated at IDEX is primarily focused on Joint and Land Force C4I and consists of Command View®, a strategic/operational level full-featured C4I system; Command View-Tactical, a C4I system tailored for tactical commanders; Raytheon’s Advance Field Artillery Tactical Data System, and Sentry® a real time air control and airspace management system. This Integrated C4I System provides the end user with a common operational picture across the force. In addition to the situational awareness provided across the echelons, it supports the commander with innovative tools supporting both planning and operations such as; a synchronization matrix which provides flawless coordination of complex operations, automated briefing development providing the very latest information and correlation of forces tools which supplies the commander with the relative combat power calculations for any situation.

“Our company works with our customers to understand their unique missions. We have been successful in consolidating our standing as one of the preferred system solution providers to clients requiring complex integrated defense systems,” said Hodson. “We have been working diligently to serve the evolving requirements in this region and to deliver low risk systems that support each client’s doctrine. Our integrated C4I systems provides our end users with a layered architecture featuring adaptable business processes and the integration of legacy systems thus enabling the client to evolve their system on their schedule; as a multilingual, standards based system providing a firm foundation for now and the future.”

About ThalesRaytheonSystems
ThalesRaytheonSystems is an equally owned transatlantic joint venture between Raytheon Company and Thales Group. ThalesRaytheonSystems is a worldwide supplier of air defense command and control centers and ground-based battlefield radars. The company’s annual revenue is $800 million, and it employs 1,600 people.