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Same proven heritage, new technology, improved performance

Firefinder radars have been serving the U.S. Army since the 1970s, but today’s Firefinder is all new from the inside out. The latest version of the AN/TPQ-37 is the most accurate, most reliable, most cost-effective and most widely proven weapon-locating radar available today.

Key Features

  • A new fully air-cooled modular Transmitter
  • Digital, programmable waveform Receiver Exciter
  • New, advanced Radar Processor
  • Fully digitized Operations Central Shelter

The AN/TPQ-37(V)9 Improved Firefinder radar provides significant reliability and maintainability gains as a result of extensive hardware modernizations. Specific upgraded features include:

In 2011 and 2012, ThalesRaytheonSystems invested to further enhance the performance of the Improved Firefinder radar. The overall result: a 5X increase in power amplification module reliability (MTBF) and system mission availability.

The Improved Firefinder is fully exportable to allied nations worldwide.


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