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Integrated Air and Missile Defense

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Facing the wide diversity of ever evolving threats requires nations to transition today’s air defense systems toward Integrated Air and Missile Defense solutions. Today’s conventional threats are evolving from very low up to very high altitude, such as UAVs, cruise missiles, rockets and mortars, as well as ballistic missiles.

In recent years, the worldwide proliferation of missile technology and manufactured assets, implied the acquisition of dedicated sensors and surface to air missile systems to complement existing assets, thus responding to threat diversity with a multi layer defense system.

Modern armed forces are seeking enhanced command and control capabilities to improve global effectiveness and readiness of their system, leveraging the wide range of sensors and effectors with no disruption of day-to-day operations. ThalesRaytheonSystems as a key system integrator provides expertise and designs Air C4I solutions to seamlessly integrate sensors and effectors in a coherent and service oriented architecture to overcome the challenge of Integrated Air and Missile Defense.

TRS systems form part of the NATO BMD infrastructure to protect deployed NATO troops and the citizens of NATO nations against ballistic missiles.

Key Features

  • A new fully air-cooled modular Transmitter
  • Digital, programmable waveform Receiver Exciter
  • New, advanced Radar Processor
  • Fully digitized Operations Central Shelter


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